Solar-charging Tesla roof tiles set for 2018 launch in Netherlands

Tesla (Photo: Jeremy/Wikimedia Commons)Tesla (Photo: Jeremy/Wikimedia Commons)

Tesla clients can now start pre-ordering Tesla Solar Roof materials for their homes. Made of solar charging shingles, the rooftops will launch in the Netherlands during the course of next year.

The price of a Solar Roof depends on which portion of the building top will be equipped with solar cells. For pre-order in the Netherlands, a 930 euro deposit is required. The exact date of the Netherlands launch is still unclear.

The Solar Roof looks like an ordinary roof from a distance, but is made of tempered glass that contains solar cells. It is three times stronger and about half as light as an ordinary roof, the company claims. 

According to Tesla, the Solar Roof is ultimately cheaper than an ordinary roof, due to the savings on energy it generates. Tesla guarantees that the Soar Roof can supply solar energy for at least 30 years. Tesla also guarantees that their materiall will last as long as the roof itself.