Union threatens labor actions over increasing temp workers

Make it cheaper for employers to take on permanent workers, and more expensive to hire temporary workers, new FNV chairman Han Busker said in an interview with AD. If this does not happen, there will be labor actions, he said as a message to the parties currently negotiating forming the new Dutch government together.

"I assume that the new minister of Social Affairs, whoever it may be, will listen well to FNV. And if they don't listen in The Hague, we will make our sound elsewhere. If necessary, the FNV will simply take action. With a full Museumplein if it must", Busker said. 

The most important point for FNV is that labor market flexibility be halted. Fewer and fewer workers have permanent contracts, the union says. According to Busker, remedying the situation is simple - make it more expensive to hire flex and temporary workers than permanent employees. Reduce labor costs so that fixed forces are cheaper. Or implement minimum tariffs for freelancers in certain sectors, Busker suggested.

Busker is not very optimistic about a VVD, CDA, D66 and GroenLinks government. The union does not get on well with the VVD and D66 in particular. But he's not too worried. "Look, we have 1.1 million members. We are in all companies. We are the largest social organization. It must be clear to the formation table that we play an important role in society. We will not just accept all kinds of deteriorations."