Opposition parties demand clarity on status of government formation

Opposition parties PVV and SP want clarity from Edith Schippers on the status of the government formation. Schippers is leading negotiations between the VVD, CDA, D66 and GroenLinks on the four parties forming a government together.

The ChristenUnie joined the other parties' call for information, so the parties decided to take the matter to the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, AD reports. They hope that a majority vote will force Schippers to provide information about the "progress" of the talks. PVV leader Geert Wilders also wants a short debate on the subject next week..

"It's been very quiet", Wilders said, according to AD. "Citizens have no idea what's going on behind closed doors. I don't find that a good sign."

"The silence has been deafening for weeks", SP leader Emile Roemer added. "The negotiating parties have reached all the important topics of the agenda. But the country doesn't stand still. This must not become a prayer without end."

The chances of these parties forcing information from Schippers seem slim. In about every comment on the negotiations, Prime Minister ark Rutte (VVD) emphasizes the importance of keeping the discussion confidential. Openness about what is being said "will do the process no good", he said, according to AD. "Everything I say about this reduces the chance that we will make it."