Cops concerned over National Police plan to disarm them

A police officer aiming his service weapon
A police officer aiming his service weaponPhoto: Politie

The police corps leadership and the police central works council are meeting on Tuesday to discuss unrest and dissatisfaction among police officers about a plan to disarm some of them. The National Police plans to disarm a significant part of the nearly 200 traffic officers, the Telegraaf reports based on a confidential intranet document the newspaper managed to get hold of. 

The traffic officers are very much opposed to the idea, according to the newspaper. They regularly face aggression while dealing with traffic violations and fear that they will become walking targets. The group also finds it incomprehensible that police officers are being disarmed in a time of terrorist attacks.

Due to this dissatisfaction, the plan was put on hold, the Telegraaf reports. The Central Works Council first wants to discuss what exactly the National Police intends to do before going any further.