Most students pay too much in rent, especially in Amsterdam

Student room (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Guillaume Speurt)Student room (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Guillaume Speurt)

A massive 73 percent of students in the Netherlands pay too much in rent, according to a study by national student union LSVb. On average student rents are 55 euros per month higher than allowed by the property valuation point system. Amsterdam students are worst off - 80 percent pay an average of 115 euros too much rent per month, ANP reports. 

According to the LSVb study, Amsterdam students pay an average of 448.58 euros for a room, compared to the national average of 342.71 euros. The price per square meter in the capital is 28.09 euros, compared to the national average of 19.11 euros. Student rooms in Amsterdam are slightly larger than the national average, but according to LSVb, not enough to explain why the rooms are so much more expensive.

Students in The Hague pay the second highest amount in rent at 388.11 euros, followed by Rotterdam at 369.94 euros. Based on the property valuation point system, the second biggest difference to national average is Utrecht, where students pay 88.66 euros more in rent than the national average, and Leiden at 81.02 euros. The cheapest student accommodation can be found in Enschede, where the average rent is 290.17 euros per month - only 2.56 euros above the national average. 

"The amount of rent is determined by the so-called point system, which is legally laid down. Nevertheless the student annually loses over 600 euros on too much rent. This means that landlords massively circumvent the point system", the LSVb said, according to AD. Private landlords most often charge the highest rents, but housing corporations also don't always keep to the rules, according to the union.

The student union will be visiting eight student cities between May 8th and 17th to inform the students living there about their rental rights.