Most Dutch girls don't regret sharing nude photos

Most teen girls in the Netherlands who sent a nude selfie to a boyfriend don't regret doing so, despite the risk that the photos will be shared with others, according to a study by website The site surveyed 3 thousand Dutch teenage girls, a quarter of whom indicated that they've sent an nude photo of themselves to someone, AD reports.

One in five teen girls shared a nude photo of themselves over WhatsApp, Snapchat or other apps. The recipient was mostly their regular boyfriend. Seven out of 10 of the girls who sent a nude pick of themselves, don't regret doing so. The girls who do regret sending the pic, usually do so because something went wrong, such as the photo being forwarded to others. 

Horror stories about teenagers committing suicide over nude photos, such as what happened with Canadian teen Amanda Todd, don't discourage Dutch girls from sharing photos of themselves. "Nude photos of each other is a little bit part of this generation", Hanneke de Graaf of knowledge center Rutgers said to AD.

A large majority of the questioned girls said they've seen forwarded nude pictures of someone else.