Top Prosecution official accused of paid sex with teenager

A "senior manager" at the Public Prosecution's Office was suspended on suspicion of having paid sex with a teenager, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday. According to newspaper AD, the prosecutor in question is 44-year-old Vincent L. - second in charge at the National Office in Amsterdam.

The prosecutor is suspected of paying for sex with a boy of about 16-years-old. When this happened is unclear. L. is now subject to a criminal investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam. He will remain suspended until it becomes clear whether or not he will be prosecuted.

According to AD, L. works in the Public Prosecution Department that is focused on fighting fraud and taking money from criminals. L.'s been a prosecutor and the face of the approach to fraudsters sine 2008. In the past he was a board member of the JOVD - the VVD's youth organization. He is married and lives with his spouse in Amstelveen.

Between 2012 and 2015 no Public Prosecution employees were suspended on suspicion of a sexual offense. During that period 117 employees were reprimanded or dismissed for fraud, theft, leaking sensitive information or showing up drunk for a hearing.