Dutch home prices continue sharp rise; Biggest yearly increase since 2002

Housing prices in the Netherlands continue to rise. In March housing prices were 7.3 percent higher than in the same month in 2016 - the biggest price increase in 15 years, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry on Friday. 

The current price level is still 8.6 percent below the housing prices peak of 2008, but 16.4 percent above the low point in 2013. The average house price is currently at the same level as in April 2006.

The Hague is the only one of the four large Dutch cities in which housing prices are not above the 2008 peak level. Housing prices in The Hague are still 0.3 percent below the 2008 peak. The other three cities passed that level months ago. Amsterdam's house prices are now 18 percent higher than the 2008 peak. Utrecht stands at 8.1 percent higher and Rotterdam at 4.6 percent.

All housing types were more expensive in March 2017 than in March 2016. Apartments saw the biggest price increase at 10.3 percent, detached housing saw the smallest at 4.9 percent.