All Dutch mobile network providers rated world-class

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. Source: Flickr/Tim Parkinson

Dutch telecom companies KPN, Tele2, T-Mobile and Vodafone all have world-class mobile networks, according to German bureau P3 in its annual network test. P3 called the results of the Dutch networks "impressive", AD reports.

Every year P3 tests mobile networks in 28 countries. Over the past months four P3 cars toured along 17 large and 19 smaller Dutch cities, testing how fast calls are connected, what the call quality is, how fast webpages load and how fast files can be downloaded or sent on the four Dutch mobile networks. On a scale of one to 1,000, al four Dutch providers scored well above the 900 points with their 3G and 4G networks - which amounts to a "very good" ranking.

T-Mobile came in first place with a score of 956 points and an "excellent" ranking. Vodafone came in second with 931 points, closely followed by KPM with 930 points. Tele2 came in last for the Dutch providers with 919 points.

"We see this year that the Netherlands has extremely strong telecom companies with remarkably high performance compared to other European countries", Hakan Ekmen of P3 commented. He points out that most other European countries' telecom companies don't even reach 900 in their scores. "Number four Tele2 scored so well that it would be the best in most of Europe, including Spain or Great Britain."

Ekmen called the Dutch telecom market "a very competitive and innovative market".