After years of cuts, outgoing Rutte cabinet secures €200 million for nursing homes

Elderly lady in a nursing home (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Magnus Fröderberg)Elderly lady in a nursing home (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Magnus Fröderberg)

The departing VVD and PvdA government reached an agreement to push an extra 200 million euros into nursing home care. This is on top of 100 million euros already pledged to solving the most pressing problems in nursing homes, NOS reports.

The extra money is intended to solve the most acute staff problems in nursing homes. It will first go to temporary workers for the summer vacation, who can be used directly. In the vacation season, many nursing homes deal with staff shortages. Money is also set aside for nursing home staff members who want to expand their contracts with additional hours. And for nursing homes to employee people with outdated qualifications or people from home care for simpler work.

As the current government is soon departing, the measure was also submitted to the four parties currently negotiating forming the new Dutch government. Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem discussed the extra money with negotiation leader Edith Schippers, the VVD, CDA, D66 and GroenLinks on Tuesday. 

As this measure involves this year's money, the national budget will have to be adjusted.