Large anti-terrorism drills at port of Rotterdam this week

Members of a Dutch police SWAT team (Stock Photo: Politie)Members of a Dutch police SWAT team (Stock Photo: Politie)

From today until Thursday the port of Rotterdam will be the scene of large drills on what to do during terrorist attacks or other large emergencies and threats. The port protection exercise is called "Port Defender Rotterdam" and includes the Royal Navy, the National Police, the Port of Rotterdam and the local safety office Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond, AD reports.

The emergency services will perform various drills. For example, the Special Interventions team will deal with a hijacked ship with explosives aboard, while the Riot Police will deal with a protest that got out of hand and paramedics will help the people "wounded" in these incidents. The fire department will also be deployed a number of times. 

"We have several small exercises throughout the years. This week all that will come together", Frank van Sprang, Brigadier of the marines, said to BNR. 

People living and working in the area of the port will see flying helicopters and hear some noise.