Traffic jams on Netherlands roads increase with more elderly drivers

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Traffic jams in the Netherlands are increasing due to the aging population, according to figures from the ANWB. Traffic jams are especially increasing during evening rush hour due to the large amounts of recreational traffic on the roads, the ANWB concluded by comparing traffic during the first three months of this year with the same period in 2016, the Telegraaf reports.

"It is clear that mobility is increasing further. In the morning, the number of road users is fairly stable, but especially later in the day you see a lot of elderly people on the road", Arnoud Broekhuis of the ANWB said, according to the Telegraaf. "They go for a fun day out and head home at the end of the day with the commuting traffic. That results in more traffic jams."

The aging population is not the only reason for increasing traffic jams. "It is also becoming busier due to the economic upturn. You see more lorries, company vans and employees that go to their boss with a luxury car."

On average road users should plan for about 10 percent more time spent in traffic. Brabant traffic saw the biggest increase - road users in the province spent 21 percent more time in traffic than in the first quarter of last year.