Record number of foreign students registered at Dutch universities

A record number of 112 thousand foreign students are currently enrolled at Dutch universities and colleges, according to a study by Nuffic - the Dutch organization for the internationalization of education, ANP reports.

According to Nuffic, the Netherlands is popular "because of its large number English-language offerings, affordability of education here and the quality". Germany is by far the best represented when it comes to foreign students in the Netherlands. A massive 22 thousand German students are enrolled at Dutch institutions. China comes in second place with 4,300 students and Italy in third with 3,300.

At colleges art courses are particularly popular. For example, 28.1 percent of the student body enrolled at the Amsterdam College for Arts come from abroad. At universities so called University Colleges - broad undergraduate programs with, for example, a specialty or linguistics direction - are popular among foreing students. 

Student organization ISO sees many benefits in the high number of foreign students in the Netherlands. "International students provide a different perspective in the classroom. Dutch students can learn a lot from that", board member Jeroen Wienen said to Het Parool. But at the same time, ISO warns that there may be negative side effects. "International students often bring in more money than Dutch students. It must not be allowed that educational institutions adjust their courses simply to be more attractive to internationals. International students should not steal places from Dutch students. Especially if there are underlying financial reasons."