Dutch newspapers harsh on fired football coach; interim coach temporarily takes over


For the second time in a row the Dutch national football team is at risk of missing the finals, due to a crushing defeat against Bulgaria on Saturday (2-0). On Monday morning the Dutch newspapers had no good word to say about now dismissed coach Danny Blind. On Monday afternoon the Oranje team started their last training session before a friendly match against Italy tomorrow under the guidance of interim coach Fred Grim.

The intention is that Grim only help the Dutch team prepare for this one match. In the coming weeks Dutch football association KNVB will be looking for a new coach, whose job will be to get Oranje to the World Championships in Russia next year. The KNVB aims to hire a new coach before the next match period. On May 31st the Dutch team is playing a friendly match against Morocco and on June 4th against the Ivory Coast. On June 9th Oranje will face Luxembourg in the World Cup qualifier. 

The KNVB saw no choice but to dismiss Danny Blind after Oranje's dismal performance this weekend.

"Game over", is the headline seen on AD today. "The inevitable dismissal of Blind is only a chapter in a book full of misery. An unprecedented tragedy, and the worst is: no one has a ready-made solution." the newspaper wrote in its analysis. And: "Whatever coach Blind touches turns into burnt rubber."

The Telegraaf spoke to some former football celebrities. According to the newspaper, they feel "shame for Oranje". John Rep called Blind's dismissal a good thing. "It could no longer go on like this. I consider it incomprehensible that they ever even started with him as coach. I never had the impression that he was really taken seriously."

Trouw thinks it reasonable to blame Blind for the fact that the World Cup is now almost out of reach. The newspaper is especially critical on his decision to add 17-year-old Matthijs de Set to the team. "Despite numerous injuries Blind wants nothing to do with careful preparation."

"Deeper a coach can not sink mentally, after such a form of Russian roulette with World Cup chances", the Volkskrant writes. "It sometimes seemed like Blind considered Oranje an experimental playground, a vehicle of pride." The newspaper also wonders "who dares" to take Blind's place.