Official election results announced; no changes compared to final projection

Dutch voter in Amsterdam at 2017 Netherlands parliamentary election
An Amsterdam resident registers her vote in the 2017 Netherlands parliamentary electionNL Times

The Dutch electoral council announced the official results for the parliamentary results on Tuesday, and they were exactly the same as ANP's final projection last week. The election turnout was 81.9 percent, the highest since 1986. The new parliament will consist of 13 parties, the highest number since 1972.

According to the Kiesraad, there were no major problems during this election. Though the fact that all ballots were counted by hand and no digital exchange of data was allowed did delay the process. "The calculation was labor intensive." Kiesraad president Jan Kees Wiebenga said

A few mistakes were made in some municipalities. Over full ballot boxes were opened to stamp the papers down. Not all voters were asked for an ID. And in Nijmegen there was a shortage in ballots, which meant that some voters had to go home without voting. The Nijmegen mayor already apologized for this. According to the rules, an equal number of ballots and voting passes must be handed in, but there was a difference of 11,469. 

According to the Kiesraad, these few mistakes are not enough reason for a recount. Investigation showed that the incidents had no effect on the results.

Rumors that boxes of PVV votes were found in the trash and that proxies were recruited in Amsterdam Niuew West are "fake news", Wiebenga said. 

Preference votes gave Ancilla van Leest of the Piratenpartij, Sylvana Simmons of Artikel 1 and Jan Roos of VNL a seat in parliament. But as their parties did not reach the number of votes needed for a parliamentary seats, these party leaders will not make it to this Tweede Kamer.

The new Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, will look as follows:

  • VVD: 21.2% of votes, 33 seats
  • PVV: 13% of votes, 20 seats
  • CDA: 12.4% of votes, 19 seats
  • D66: 12.2% of votes, 19 seats
  • GroenLinks: 9.1% of votes, 14 seats
  • SP: 9.1% of votes, 14 seats
  • PvdA: 5.7% of votes, 9 seats
  • ChristenUnie: 3.4% of votes, 5 seats
  • PvdD: 3.2% of votes, 5 seats
  • 50Plus: 3.1% of votes, 4 seats
  • SGP: 2.1% of votes, 3 seats
  • DENK: 2% of votes, 3 seats
  • FvD: 1.8% of votes, 2 seats