Can you take out a drone in mid-air? TU/Delft unveils "Drone Clash"

TU Delft is hosting the world's first "Drone Clash" competition in December. The competition involves competitors trying to knock each others' drones out of the air and is intended to stimulate the development of anti-drone technology, the university announced on its website.

The increasing use of drones goes hand in hand with more and more measures needed against them, according to Bart Remes of the TU Delft drone lab. "Drones can fly into our lives, but should also be removable if necessary. The development of drones grew strongly in recent years, and you also see the 'anti-drone' industry growing." he said.  "Ideally these trends will keep each other in balance, and they ensure the responsible and safe use of drones."

The Drone Clash will happen on December 4th at the Valkenburg airfield. Four teams will compete with one or more fighting drones and a "queen" which they must protect. The teams will start out in the Battle 1st Arena, where they will immediately try to take each other out. The surviving drones will fly through the Hallway of Doom Death and Destruction, where they will face a number of existing anti-drone instruments. Those who make it to the 4 Queen Palace will try to take out the other teams' queen drones.