Hell's Angels linked to revenge assault case: Report

A Helmond father may have had help from a member of biker gang Hell's Angels when he assaulted another man in Eindhoven in January for harassing his 14-year-old daughter online. This can be seen in the criminal file, which newspaper BN De Stem managed to get hold of. 

Eyewitnesses saw father Mario Haazen get into a car with someone else on the night he assaulted Jack S., January 19th. Jack S. is a mental health patient who sexually harassed Haazen's underage daughter online.

In his first police questioning, five hours after the assault, Haazen confirmed that he was not alone when he went after S. "I was not alone, but I won't say who was with me", he said, according to the newspaper. Haazen's companion was there for extra security. "I did not feel safe. I was scared. Two can do more than one. If we had to hold him, it would be easier with two", Haazen told the police. 

Haazen first mentioned the Hell's Angels during his arraignment. "For my own safety I will not say his name. I do not want to send the Hell's Angels down on my mother's head." In all further questionings, Haazen is also vague about the identity of his companion. Though he readily answered all other police questions, he refused to respond to questions about the Hell's Angels. 

The Public Prosecutor confirms that investigation could not identify Haazen's companion.

The role of the motorcycle gang in the assault is still unclear. According to BN De Stem, outlaw motorcycle gangs are known to react harshly to accusations of child abuse.