Amsterdam lands in 12th in top global cities list

Mevlana Mosque in Rotterdam FaceMePLS/flickr . ()

Amsterdam got 12th place on Mercer's annual list for the best city to live in. Vienna came in 1st place, the eighth year in a row that the Austrian capital topped the list, RTL Nieuws reports.

Consulting firm Mercer assessed the cities on quality of life by looking at factors such as infrastructure, healthcare, education and crime rate. 

Europe is definitely represented in the top 10. Auckland and Vancouver are the only two non-European cities at the top of the list. The top Asian city is Singapore at 25th place. And the South African city of Durban is the best African city to live in at 87th place.

At the bottom of the list is the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Ndjamena, capital of Chad, came in second to last. 

Mercer's annual ranking has been relatively stable for years. The only noteworthy changes is Brussels dropping six places to 27 due to the risk of a terrorist attack. And Rome dropped to 57th place due to persistent problems with waste disposal.

Top 10 best cities to live in:

  1. Vienna in Austria
  2. Zurich in Switzerland
  3. Auckland in New Zealand
  4. Munich in Germany
  5. Vancouver in Canada
  6. Dusseldorf in Germany
  7. Frankfurt in Germany
  8. Geneva in Switzerland
  9. Copenhagen in Denmark
  10. Basle in Switzerland