Fmr. Dutch PM drops his political party over Israel settlements support

Former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt
Former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt. (Photo: Minister-president / Wikimedia Commons)

Former Prime Minister Dries van Agt will not be voting for his party the CDA on Wednesday. In a newsletter for foundation The Rights Forum he writes that he is "no longer able to live with his party's stance in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians", NOS reports.

For years Van Agt has been calling for attention to the plight of the Palestinians. He's also been very critical of Israel. For a long time he's considered the course of the CDA as too weak, but now "enough is enough". 

According to the former Prime Minister, the CDA let Israel understand that the settlements in Palestinian territory can not be further extended, but did nothing further when Israel ignored the warning. 

The CDA also voted against a D66 and SP motion calling on the government to advocate for the suspension of the association agreement with Israel at EU level. The motion stated that the agreement would be suspended until a freeze on construction in the settlements is a fact.

"I can no longer reconcile myself with this half-hearted toleration of Israel's occupation and colonization. I have therefore decided not to vote for the CDA in the upcoming parliamentary election", Van Agt writes. "In future my vote will go only to parties that not only in word but also in action work against the Israeli occupation and harrowing injustice in Palestine."

He did not say which party will get his vote on Wednesday.