Nitroglycerin traces delay KLM flight from LA to Amsterdam

A KLM flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport was delayed on Sunday after American authorities conducting explosive residue swab tests on items on the plane found residue of nitroglycerin, NBC News reports. While nitroglycerin is often used in explosives, it is also used in more every day products such as ointments and to treat coronary disease.

After the swab tests revealed traces of nitroglycerin, the local police were called in for a more intensive search. The KLM Boeing 747 was searched with sniffer dogs, but no traces of explosives were found. 

The Los Angeles authorities determined that the flight, KLM Flight 602, was safe. Passengers were allowed on the plane and the flight departed only 2 hours late. 

According to NBC, it reached Amsterdam without incident.