Massive drug lab linked to CDA treasurer

Drug lab found in property on Hoogeindseweg in Leende, 23 Feb 2017
Drug lab found in property on Hoogeindseweg in Leende, 23 Feb 2017Photo: Politie

The main suspect arrested in connection with a large drug lab discovered in the Brabant town of Leende last week was identified as Wim van der P., according to newspaper AD. Until last week Friday he was treasurer of the CDA faction Heeze Leende Sterksel.

According to the newspaper, he was dismissed as treasurer on Friday. Both CDA alderman Wilma van der Rijst and faction chairman Peter Vertogen refused to comment on the matter.

Van der P. was also the treasurer of the guild St. Jan Baptista in Leenderstrijp. "We do not appreciate you pushing him into a corner", deacon Johan Bax said to the newspaper. "Let's first wait for the police investigation."

The drug lab was found on Van der P.'s property on Hoogeindseweg in Leende last week. The police are calling it one of the largest drug labs ever found in the Netherlands. Before the police dismantled it, the lab was able to produce 100 kilograms of speed per day and 150 kilos of ecstasy.

Wim van der P. was arrested along with his wife and 18-year-old son. Only the family's daughter was not arrested,  presumably because she no longer lives at home. All three suspects are in restricted custody, which means that they are not allowed contact with anyone except their lawyers. They will be arraigned early this week. 

This is not the first time Van der P. has contact with the judiciary, according to AD. In 2012 a warehouse filled with caravans burned down on his land and an illegal cannabis farm was found while firefighters fought the fire. he was not prosecuted then.