Lawyer accused of smuggling mail to crime lord Holleeder in jail

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The Public Prosecutor believes that lawyer Stijn Franken smuggled letters to and from criminal kingpin Willem Holleeder while he was in restricted custody in the high security prison in Vught, the Telegraaf reports. 

This is the conclusion of an investigation into whether Holleeder  Astrid and Sonja and crime journalist Peter R. de Vries from prison. His sisters are in the ongoing case against him. Holleeder is standing trial for his

In April last year Holleeder's cell was searched and letters were found, despite the fact that he was allowed no contact with anyone from the outside world except his lawyer. According to the newspaper, the Public Prosecutor is furious. Franken, who is no longer representing Holleeder, was not allowed to smuggle communications to him. The Prosecutor in Amsterdam wants an explanation from the Dean of the Dutch Bar Association, according to the Telegraaf.

Franken was not available for comment when the newspaper tried to contact him.