Anti-Islam party axes public events after security scandal

geert wilders
Geert Wilders at Prinsjesdag, Sept 16, 2014 (Rijksoverheid/Phil Nijhuis via Wikimedia)Geert Wilders at Prinsjesdag, Sept 16, 2014 (Rijksoverheid/Phil Nijhuis via Wikimedia)

The Dutch nationalist and anti-Islam political party PVV has suspended all election campaigning and public appearances in the midst of a corruption scandal. The scandal involves a member of the security details of both the PVV and the royal family who was arrested on Monday for leaking classified information to organized crime figures.

Police chief Erik Akerboom said at no point was anyone's safety compromised despite allegations that security officer Faris K. is accused of leaking information to a Dutch-Moroccan gang.

However, PVV leader Geert Wilders said on Twitter that he was concerned about the leak, openly speculating that information about the ongoing investigation is not being shared with him. He therefore decided to order a halt to all campaigning.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte was reportedly concerned about the arrest. K.'s brother Mohammed K. was previously accused of sharing an investigation's confidential details with a crime syndicate ten years ago while working for the police.

The man suspected of leaking the confidential information, Faris K, was released today. Although he is still a suspect in the case.

The PVV had been the most popular party in the Netherlands for much of the last two years, but as the March election draws closer the party has begun a downward trend in the polls.