Over 130,000 Dutch 20-somethings sitting at home: report

About 138 thousand Dutch twenty-somethings have no job and are not following any form of training, according to education organizations MBO Raad and NRTO. The groups are very concerned that these young adults will fall by the wayside, ANP reports.

"If we do nothing, this group will be the next lost generation, condemned to be on welfare until their retirement", Tom Heerts, chairman of the MBO Raad, and Hans Hillen, Charman of NRTO, said. 

The two organizations are therefore launching a so-called "perspective year" on Friday. The aim is to help this group of young people, between the ages of 23 and 27 years, to get work. During this year the group of young people will be offered a year of training, mentoring and coaching.

"For that we need everyone: aldermen, the national government, employers and local governments", according to the organization. "An investment in these young adults right now will give returns on the short term in the form of work and income. And society does not have to carry the burden of long-term welfare benefits."