PVV losing support in the polls; barely bigger than VVD

Wilders, Buma and Pechtold during the debate

The newest information on Peilingwijzer - a platform that brings the information of various polls together - has the PVV only barely larger than the VVD. Geert Wilders' PVV currently stands at between 25 and 29 seats, only two seats more that Mark Rutte's VVD - between 23 and 27 seats. Political scientist Tom Louwerse, creator of Peilingwijzer, told NOS that this is not due to the VVD gaining support, but rather the PVV losing ground.

The PVV lost 5 seats since December. "You can now see that decline to a greater or lesser extent at all polling agencies", Louwerse said to NOS. 

Researchers see several reasons why voters are turning their back on the PVV, according to AD. Some people are concerned about American president Donald Trump's policies, for which Wilders expressed support. Others doubt the feasibility of the PVV's plans or have their doubts about whether the PVV will be part of the next government, given that very few other political parties seem willing to work with them. 

The polls show GroenLinks gaining ground and now being equal to the D66 and CDA with between 15 and 17 seats. The SP stands at between 12 and 14 and the PvdA between 11 and 13 seats. 50Plus currently stands at between 8 and 10 seats, ChristenUnie between 5 and 7, PvdD between 4 and 6, SGP between 3 and 5 and DENK between 0 and 2. 

Thierry Baudet's Forum voor Democracy made it onto the Peilingwijzer for the first time after getting 1 seat on three different polls. Jan Roos' VNL, which had one seat in the past, is now back down to zero.