Fifth arrest made in kidnapping, murder case

Jdesse Boerenveen
Jdesse BoerenveenPolitie

On Tuesday the police arrested a fifth suspect in connection with the kidnapping and murder of Jdesse Boerenveen, who was found dead in Gooimeer at Almere-Haven on December 22nd. The suspect, 46-year-old Jeffrey K., is the owner of a garage in Wormerveer where Boerenveen was held hostage and assaulted, Het Parool reports.

The police believe that more arrests may follow.

Boerenveen was homeless but stayed in a flat in Bijlmer in the weeks before his disappearance. On December 1st he was taken hostage by two men aged 41 and 48 and a 38-year-old woman. He owed them several thousand euros. A video filmed by his captors shows him being beaten and threatened in the Wormerveer garage.

He was eventually picked up by a group of criminals at the garage and loaded into a Chrysler Voyager, according to Het Parool. The criminals took him Almere. Near the Almere-Muziekwijk train station a negotiation attempt went wrong. According to the newspaper, it is likely that Boerenveen was killed that same night and his body dumped in the Gooimeer. It is very unlikely that he entered the cold waters of his own free will as he couldn't swim.

Boerenveen's body was found on December 22nd near a small island in the Gooimeer. 

On December 12th, a 40-year-old man was shot on IJburg in Amsterdam. The victim was one of the last to see Boerenveen before his disappearance. He was arrested in hospital. A short time later  the two men and woman mentioned above were also arrested. On Tuesday 46-year-old Jeffrey K. made the fifth suspect. The woman has since been released.