Dutch govt. launches international cyber security strategy

The Netherlands must work on diplomacy, defense and development in order to tackle the growing threat of cyber attacks from hostile countries and criminals, according to the International Cyber Strategy that Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs sent to Dutch parliament on Sunday. Koenders wants international law to be supplemented to suit the needs of the new digital world, the Telegraaf reports. 

The Dutch foreign minister established a new team of diplomats specifically aimed and reinforcing the online rules of behavior between countries. He believes that will help countries trust each other and work on cyber security together, as well as prevent a cyber arms race. 

"The Netherlands wants a secure, free and open internet. That does not happen by itself", Koenders said. "We need to protect our critical infrastructure (government, energy sector, banks, among other things) against cyber attackers. Therefore we must forge an alliance of countries, international organizations, the IT community, academics and civil society."

Koenders believes the Netherlands should take a leading role in the building of a strong cyber defense alliance through NATO. This alliance should not only defend itself, but should also be able to attack if necessary. This knowledge can deter attackers. The Netherlands should also work with other countries in tracking down cyber criminals. 

The Dutch government wants to improve international agreements on online security. According to the Telegraaf, this will be a challenge as different countries think differently about cyber security. The government also does not want to compromise the loose structure of the internet, which belongs to no one.