Populist PVV also popular among highly-educated: Survey

Geert Wilders and his PVV came out as the most popular party among the highly-educated and people with a mid-level education in a survey done by trade union De Unie. "The mantra that the PVV attracts the angry, low-educated white man is with this study definitely broken", Reinier Castelein, president of De Unie, said to WNL.

De Unie surveyed nearly 4 thousand people about their political affiliation. The PVV came out as the most popular party, followed by the VVD and D66. Though the vast majority of respondents did not know who they will vote for.

A large majority of the respondents called politicians elitist, dishonest and unreliable, according to the survey. 

The survey also revealed that people with a high- and mid-level education are concerned about the future of their children, their retirement, norms and values, health care and elderly care. "While the PVV popularity is mainly associated with anti-Islam sentiments, these results show another cause potentially arising from the rejection of the current political elite." Castelein said to the broadcaster. 


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