Van Goghs stolen from Amsterdam museum shown in Naples after mob bust

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Two Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam in 2002 and then in the home of a mafia boss in Italy last year, is currently on show in Naples, Italian news site The Local reports. The paintings are on show in Naples until February 26th, as a thank you to the city for the local police's role in tracking them down. 

The two paintings, "Seasfront at Schevningen" from 1882 and "Congregation leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen" from 1884/5, were stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in December 2002. There was no trace of them until they were found in a last year. How they ended up in Italy is still unclear.

The paintings were initially in the case against the mafia, and it was thought that it would be years before they could return to the Netherlands. But in January an Italian court and sent home. Exactly when they will return to Amsterdam is unclear, though it is expected to be soon, Van Gogh Museum director Axel Ruger said in January.