Hair stylist set on fire possible mistaken ID case; Getaway driver also hunted


The police believe that a hair stylist who was set on fire in Enschede last week may have been mistaken for someone else, officers said on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. The man took ownership of the hair salon only five weeks ago. 

On Thursday last week a man wearing a ski mask entered the hair salon on Kottendijk in Enschede, poured a flammable liquid over the hairdresser's head and torso and set him on fire. The police have no idea who is behind this attack.  A witness previously stated that the attack may have been aimed at the former owner of the salon.

The hair stylist is still in a bad way, but no longer in life threatening danger. He was able to talk to the police. The man also has no idea who attacked him.

The police are hunting for the getaway driver in the attack. The perpetrator was seen getting into a dark colored car after the attack. Someone else was behind the steering wheel. A dark colored Seat, was found burning in Hengelo after the attack. The police determined that the car was stolen, but can not yet say with certainty that this was the getaway car in the attack on the hair stylist. 

The police called on a number of witnesses to come forward. Late on Thursday afternoon, shortly before the attack, four cyclists cycled over Kotendijk and one of them fell. A woman helped the cyclist up and they continued on their way. The police want to talk to the cyclists and the woman. Passengers on the bus route that goes past the salon may also have seen something.


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