Dutch celeb biologist still in hospital after shark bite

Freek Vonk in hospital after being bitten by a reef shark
Freek Vonk in hospital after being bitten by a reef sharkPhoto: Freek Vonk / Facebook

Dutch celebrity biologist Freek Vonk is still in a hospital in Miami after a reef shark bit him on his upper arm in the Bahamas last week, the TV biologist said on Facebook. The wound has been completely stitched up and he is doing very well, Vonk writes.

"Unbelievable how well it went" Vonk writes. "Especially given the fact that my arm was in pieces and I could even see my muscles!" He did sustain some nerve damage and still has no feeling in the skin of his forearm. The feeling may return, but whether it will is uncertain at this stage. There is also a risk of infection, which is why he is staying in the hospital for the time being. 

Vonk was bitten by the shark while filming for a new television show in the Bahamas. An air ambulance rushed him to a hospital in Miami, where he underwent a 3 hour long surgery and got over a hundred stitches.