New technologies could cut care costs by €1.5 billion: Dutch employers

An electronic stethoscope
An electronic stethoscopeStethoscopes / Wikimedia Commons

The Netherlands could significantly decrease healthcare costs by using new technologies and being smarter about the organization of care, according to employers' organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland in a healthcare vision they have for the new government. According to the vision, the Netherlands can save at least 1.5 billion euros in healthcare costs per year, the Telegraaf reports. 

According to the organizations, many treatments, such as heart checks, now done in hospitals could be done in the patients home. By investing in digital care close to the patient, healthcare becomes more people focused, better and more fun to work in. It will also mean that healthcare premium increases will be lower, according to the organizations.

Most new technologies and new forms of cooperation have been through successful small-scale experiments, the organizations say. Healthcare can be better and cheaper if this approach is introduced nationwide. 

"In recent years there's been a truckload of reforms on healthcare. In the run-up to March 15th [parliamentary election day] politicians seem to be taking a wrong turn. Again its about reforming the system, market forces and deductibles. While already a small revolution is possible from inside. Whe should not want to reform the system, but innovate from inside the system for the benefit of patients, caregivers and tax payers. In our report, we show that it's possible", NVO-NCW chairman Hans de Boer said to the newspaper.

This vision will be presented to Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health on Thursday.