WWII bomb found in Assen thrift store

Thrift store De Wissel in Assen
Thrift store De Wissel in Assen. (Photo: Kringloopwinkel de Wissel Assen / Facebook)

What the police describe as a "lightweight bomb" from World War II was found in a thrift store in Assen on Wednesday. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal team will take the bomb away and make sure its safe on Wedneday afternoon, Andries Jan Mulder, director of thrift store De Wissel, told NU.nl

Mulder found the bomb when he started working around 7:00 a.m. on Wedneday. He immediately noticed the distinctive shape of the object. "I came in and thought: 'What is that?' I pulled on it, and at first I thought it was a holder for a clothesline, but it turned out to be a bomb!" he said to the newspaper. 

He recognized it as a bomb and confirmed his suspicions by googling numbers printed on it. Mulder then called in the police. 

The thrift store regularly collect items from empty houses for the store's collection. Mulder believes an unsuspecting employee took the bomb without knowing what it was. It was in a shoe box. 

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Andries Mulder van Kringloopwinkel de Wissel Assen keek vanochtend raar op toen hij een bom uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog in het magazijn vond: "Je schrikt er wel even van. Ik dacht dat het een houder was voor een droogmolen, maar het bleek een bom". Lees alles: http://rtvd.nl/GYpH.

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