Small Christian party presents anti-Islam manifesto

Small Christian party SGP created an anti-Islam manifesto with plans to set limits to the presence of Islam in the Netherlands and to protect the Netherlands against the "radical excesses" of this belief. According to the party, many Dutch are right to worry about the rise of Islam in the country, NOS reports.

The SGP wants to disband radical organizations, restrict the number of asylum seekers allowed in the Netherlands and ban calls to prayer that include faith texts, according to the broadcaster. The Netherlands must also not allow any Muslim holidays and revoke asylum seekers' right to shelter if they are guilty of hate or violence. 

According to the Christian party, the Netherlands is too stuck on the equality of religions. "It is most unwise to lump all religions in the same box", party leader Kees van der Staaij said. According to the SGP, there is a world of difference between "the commandment of love of Jesus Christ and the violent abuse of Mohammed". Van der Staaij added that all political parties should be clear on their stance on Islam for the parliamentary elections. "Voters are entitled to that", he said.

At the SGP's election congress Van der Staaij already warned of the "havoc-wreaking radical Islamic fanatics in Europe" and the growing influence of Islam.

Tuhanan Kuzu of political party DENK called the SGP's manifesto "a bow to xenophobia and Islamophobia". The SGP's arrangement "looks like the expanded election program of te PVV", he said in the program De tafel van Tijs. According to Kuzu, all religions must stand equal. "It kan not be that one gets more freedoms than the other."