Brexit already costing Netherlands money: Dutch exporters

While Britain's departure from the European Union is yet to be set in motion, the Brexit is already costing Dutch companies money, according to the interest group for Dutch exporters Evofenedex. The uncertainty about the future trade relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union already resulted in dozens of deals falling through, the group said to NOS.

The organization, which represents some 15 thousand trade and manufacturing companies, launched a hotline on Friday, where companies can report problems caused by the British departure from the EU. So far Evofenedex already heard from an exporter of medical equipment and a company in the chemical industry that lost out on revenue. The group could not say exactly how much money was involved.

The new hotline coincides with British Prime Minister Theresa May's visit to the United States to see President Donald Trump. They will discuss a new trade agreement between the two countries today.