Some 1,500 psychiatrists go on strike over pension plans

Mental health institute GGZ in IJpelaar in Breda
Mental health institute GGZ in IJpelaar in Breda Photo: G.Lanting / Wikimedia Commons

About 1,500 psychiatrists working at 41 mental health institutions went on strike on Tuesday in protest against their pension plans. They want their employers to pay the employer's contribution to their pension plans, which they've been withholding for two years, ANP reports.

For the strike the psychiatrists worked on a weekend schedule on Tuesday, only giving emergency treatments. All regular treatments and sessions were canceled. According to the psychiatrists, this was the first time they took action against their employers. They felt they have no other choice.

"Due to our employers we are losing out on a significant portion of our pension", a psychiatrist working at mental health institution Altrecht said to the news wire. "But we are particularly angry because it is the umpteenth time that the board abuses a government measure to cut even more corners on the care."