Military deployed in search for missing teen after bag found in Utrecht woods

Military search team
A Dutch marines search-and-rescue team look for Ikram Ammari, 13, in the woods near Driebergen. January 17, 2017.. photo: Koninklijke Marine / Twitter

Dozens of police were joined by a military search-and-rescue unit in a concerted effort to track down Ikram Ammari, a 13-year-old girl missing from Driebergen, Utrecht since Monday. The search is centered in the heavily-wooded area between Driebergen and Zeist where some of the girl’s belongings were found.

Part of the search took place at a natural body of water in the woods, while patrols were also seen inspecting condemned commercial property and parking lots in the area, local reports said.

Monday night led some to the discovery of what is believed to be the girl’s bag, found not far from the train station near the woods. Ammari’s bicycle was found Tuesday morning near the border of the forest.

Sniffer dogs and a team of forensic investigators also joined the search on Tuesday as well as a police mounted patrol and helicopter.

“The extent of the search operation underway is also because of the area involved. We often bring together all types of specialist teams to assist us in a forest,” a police spokesman told broadcaster NOS. “We are taking all scenarios into account,” they said, remarking that nothing is certain at this point in the investigation.

Ammari was last seen wearing a green hooded coat with a fur collar. The 1.60-meter-tall girl has long, dark hair and dark eyes, and she also walks with a limp.