Nearly half of Dutch psych patients avoid treatment: study

Nearly half of the people suffering from mental health problems in the Netherlands do not make use of medicine or health care, according to a survey by the national platform for mental health GGz and the Dutch federation for patients Ieder(in) published on Monday. The survey among more than 10 thousand patients found that high costs is the main reason for patients to avoid being treated, Trouw reports.

This survey reveals a sharp contrast between mental health care and physical health care - about a third of people with physical health problems don't go for treatment. 

Almost half of the respondents stated that finding good care when they need it is a difficult undertaking. This problem was most commonly mentioned by people with complex mental health problems. People with intellectual disabilities also often mentioned it, stating that finding good care costs them more energy than not bothering.

Waiting lists for treatment and high costs often also pose a higher threshold for people with mental health problems than patients with physical health problems. People with borderline autism and compulsive and anxiety disorders in particular have to wait a long time for treatment.