Hotline opened to report pimps luring kids, vulnerable adults into prostitution

swing. Picture: Wikimedia Commons/SSgt Caroline Hayworth

Watch Nederland, an organization aimed at fighting sexual exploitation, launched a on Monday where pimps can be reported. The hotline is available 24/7 and is intended for victims, parents of victims, bystanders and professionals, Het Parool reports.

The hotline can be contacted by phone or email. It provides advice, references to the relevant aid organizations and support in finding children who fell into the hands of pimps. 

According to Watch Nederland, the Dutch authorities are not doing enough when it comes to battling paid sex with minors. "Both the pimps and the customers far too easily get away with it", the organization said, according to the newspaper. "The police and prosecutors say they have insufficient capacity to look into all reports. That cases remain shelved for that reason, we find unacceptable."

Watch Nederland believes their hotline and independent investigations will help break this cycle.