Watch Nederland

Jan 28 '20 12:15

There was a serious lack of security measures at TikTok, which affected users who posted videos which were moderated by the social media company’s Dutch and German teams, NRC reports. The office was notorious for drug and alcohol use by moderators on duty, and their supervisor, and private information including deleted videos were easily accessible at their WeWork shared space in Berlin.

Friends and family of the moderators were also welcome at the office and were allowed to screen the private user data with little or no supervision, according to the newspaper.

Jan 10 '17 10:46

Watch Nederland, an organization aimed at fighting sexual exploitation, launched a nationwide hotline on Monday where pimps can be reported. The hotline is available 24/7 and is intended for victims, parents of victims, bystanders and professionals, Het Parool reports.

The hotline can be contacted by phone or email. It provides advice, references to the relevant aid organizations and support in finding children who fell into the hands of pimps. 

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