Striking taxi drivers block taxi access to Amsterdam Centraal


Striking taxi drivers in Amsterdam blocked access to the taxi stand on the west side of Amsterdam Central Station on Monday, which means that travelers can not take a taxi from the station. The drivers are tired of the endless new rules from the municipality of Amsterdam, a spokesperson said to NOS.

According to the spokesperson, the problems started when the municipality moved the taxi stand from the front to the back of the station. "We lost almost 60 percent of our customers", he said. People don't know where to find the taxis. "Even the toilet signs are better clarified."

The drivers are also striking against license suspensions imposed on taxi drivers for "minor offenses", the spokesperson said. "While every other citizen will be fined 90 euros, we have to sit at home for a week or two." 

And thirdly, the taxi drivers are complaining about Uber taxi drivers who break the rules and take away their customers, the spokesperson said. He calls Uber "unfair competition". 

According to the spokesperson, the strike will continue until an alderman comes to speak to them.