More snowy weather to hit Netherlands later this week

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Despite a few days of climbing temperatures, the Netherlands can expect winter weather again later this week. From Thursday Weerplaza expects snow and sleet for the country.

A rain zone will pass over the Netherlands on Thursday, brining a strong northwesterly wind with it that will blow polar air across the country. On Thursday afternoon the numerous showers are expected to turn into snow and sleet. "In some regions several inches of snow can fall, enough for snow fun, but also enough to delay traffic."

Friday and the weekend may also be snowy, though it is too early to say with any certainty which regions will get snow and how much, according to Weerplaza.

This past Saturday icy roads caused hundreds of accidents in the Netherlands. Weatherman Michiel Severin could not say whether this will again be the case later this week. "Ice is very treacherous because you can not easily see where it is slippery, with snow we have that problem", he said, according to the Telegraaf. "Moreover, it probably will not snow everywhere. At this time we assume that all traffic will be hindered, but how severe it will be, will only become clear in the next few days."

But before that the Netherlands will first have a few days of mild to very mild winter weather. According to Weerplaza, Wednesday will be very mild for this time of year, with afternoon temperatures of between 7 and 10 degrees expected.