Girls doing "reasonably well" after taking drugs found on street; still hospitalized


Two young girls from Zwanenburg, who were hospitalized on Monday after the took pills they found on the street, are doing "reasonably well", the police said in a statemetn. They are both still in the hospital, the mother of one of the girls said to RTV Noord-Holland. 

The families of the two kids, 12-year-old Luca and 11-year-old Lina, were informed that their children took ecstasy, the mother Donata said to AD. She added that both girls are conscious and communicating. 

According to the other, both girls took more than one pill. "There were different colors of pills in the bag. The first tasted bad, so they tried a different color." she said to the newspaper. An adult in the home noticed that the girls were acting sstrange and called the emergency services. "Luca could not talk anymore. Lina a little." The girls were rushed to the hospital where they were treated for a drug overdose.

The girls claim that the found the drugs in some bushes on Domineeslaan and thought they were sweets. One local resident raised doubts about this story to AD. "A child of 12 wouldn't just put things in her mouth", he said.

The police have not yet confirmed whether the drugs involved was ecstasy. A search of the area, using sniffer dogs, found no further drugs.