Oliebollen baker touched as business surges after bad review

Oliebollen lovers managed to turn baker Alfred Kroeze's frown upside down. The baker at Pijp bakery Venekamp was reduced to tears when AD's Oliebollen Test named his oliebollen the worst in Amsterdam. But thanks to a campaign on Facebook, his business is again surging.

Kroeze was devastated by AD's review that his oliebollen taste too much like cinnamon and that he's only selling "baked air", so much so that he burst into tears in an interview with AT5 about the review. 

The video of Kroeze's interview was massively shared online and a group of do-gooders decided to help. They launched a campaign on Facebook to encourage people to go buy oliebollen from Venekamp bakery. And it worked.

According to the Telegraaf, hundreds of people expressed interest in buying oliebollen from Kroeze. And the baker himself can't even keep up with all the orders.