Police targetted after Rotterdam arrest of Zwarte Piet protestors

Police. (Politie)

Left-wing site Indymedia targeted Rotterdam police officers involved in the in November in a kind of parody of the game Pokemon Go. The "game", called Poke-A-Cop, includes close up photos of the police officers as well as a description of their role in the arrests.

The aim is to hunt these cops, like you would hunt Pokemon in the game. The instructions include track down the cop using the CopDex, pick up one or more bricks, throw them, "smash the cop: Gotcha!" and "GO! Get away before you get arrested".

 The "game" was removed from the site after Indymedia received an email from the Rotterdam police. According to, the email read that charges of sedition and threats of overt violence, were pressed. "With regards to this a criminal investigation was launched within the police Unit Rotterdam.