Seventeen Dutch execs still earn more than ministers

Ronald Plasterk (Photo: Commons). (Ronald Plasterk (Photo: Commons))

A total of 17 executives in the Dutch public- and semi-public sector earned more than a ministerial salary of 178 thousand euros per year in 2015. That means that they were in violation of the Netherlands' income standard, according to the annual report on executive salaries. In some cases the money was recovered, Minister Ronald Plasterk of Home Affairs said, according to ANP.

The researchers who compiled the report looked at nearly 5,900 institutions and the salaries of some 37 thousand officials. A total of 1,224 managers and 109 supervisors earned more than a Minister, but except for the 17 mentioned above, they were still in a transitional phase and therefore not in violation of the income standard.

According to Plasterk, the Normalizing Top Incomes Law is generally well adhered to and accepted. He calls it "important for the confidence int he public sector" that the law works. He added that from January even more executives will fall under the standard. Plasterk also stated that since the standard was implemented, there has been no evidence that institutions are left with poorer quality managers because they are being paid less. 

The Minster wants to expand the law to not only cover managers and executives, but als other well-paid staff, such as presenters on public broadcasters.