Graffiti protest against mass tourism in Amsterdam

Anti tourism graffiti on Egelantierstraat in Amsterdam, 8 Dec 2016
Anti tourism graffiti on Egelantierstraat in Amsterdam, 8 Dec 2016@Ymerehuurder / Twitter

Amsterdam activists have taken to writing on the walls in protest against the vast number of tourists in the city. At least two homes spray painted with the words "Stop mass tourism". The homes involved - a houseboat on Lijnbaansgracht and a house on Egelantiersstraat - are believed to be illegal hotels. 

The graffiti got the attention of left-wing activist site Indymedia. A statement on the site reads that "houses were marked wit anti-tourism graffiti in protest of the mass trend of subletting luxury apartments to tourists while thousands of people are looking for a home in the city." 

The group threatens to escalate their actions if no changes are made. "And we call on our comrades and neighbors to come into action: find the shameful 'ghost' apartments that are all around us, mark them, unmask them, and sabotage the hotel market until it breaks. We can't depend on the law to do justice!"

The statement ends with a list of addresses which are illegal hotels in the Jordaan neighborhood, according to the site.