Death threats sent to Dutch-Turkish MP, pro-diversity political party

Farid Azarkan

Farid Azarkan, parliamentarian for pro-diversity party DENK, filed a report of threats made against him with the police, his party announced. According to DENK, the threat was made on a private Facebook group and the word "assassination" was used, RTL Nieuws reports.

DENK also received a threatening letter this week. It was addressed to the "Dogs of DENK" and signed "Wolves of Odin". According to RTL, it stated: "The time for our response has now come. We are united, we are trained and we are armed. It is now your turn to no longer feel safe and to fear for your family, relatives and supporters. you started it, we'll finish it. We will finish you!"

The letter writers also say that the extra security given to other threatened DENK politician Sylvana Simons is "justified". And that it is time for a "big cleaning" like "has been previously done in Europe."

Earlier this week a man was sentenced to community service for threatening DENK parliamentarian Tunahan Kuzu.