PostNL fires Dutch driver for xenophobic post praising Istanbul bombing

PostNL fired one of its drivers with immediate effect on Monday for a Facebook post in which he praised the bombing in Istanbul, Turkey over the weekend. The Dutch postal service confirmed the dismissal on Facebook and Twitter, following an outraged storm of reactions.

"Too bad there were only 20 deaths, there should have been many more. At least those 29 aren't coming here, great." The man wrote on Facebook

PostNL officially distanced itself from the man's statements. "We want to emphatically distance ourselves from these improper statements", the company wrote on social media. "Because of the unacceptable statements, the driver does not fit with our company. We take immediate leave of him."

The driver removed the objectionable posts from Facebook, though screenshots of them are still circulating on social media. 

According to the latest figures, the bombing killed 44 people and injured 155 others.


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