New train timetables, bad weather anger commuters in record numbers

Crowded train (Picture: Twitter/@michellekroekie)Crowded train (Picture: Twitter/@michellekroekie)

The new train timetables, combined with bad winter weather and delayed maintenance made for a record number of complaints directed at NS on Monday morning. The train transport company received about 700 complaints during the first morning rush hour after the implementation of the new timetables - the busiest morning rush hour ever on social media, according to NS, reports.

The fog, icy tracks and delayed work at Arnhem and Nijmegen already made Monday a busy morning rush hour. Add to that confusion caused by the new time table and it turned out to be very busy. "We deployed everything. But it was manageable", a spokesperson for NS said to the newspaper. Most complaints were about changed departure times.

According to NS, the new timetable - with the biggest changes over the past decade - was implemented without major implements in the morning rush hour. Despite how busy it was, NS is satisfied. 

Most travelers were aware for the new timetable and prepared for it, NS believes. Many still requested information on Sunday - some 7 million travel advice requests wer submitted. "That is an absolute record. Even though it wasn't 7 million people, because any travelers asked several questions. But we saw Sunday that many people consulted and NS planner."